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Friday, 17 August 2012

Notes from a Bemused Cat Sitter

( The survival Diaries, Day Four)

Minerva, will you please take your teeth out of my calf?

Can't...s'part of your training.

But your food bowl is full, your litter tray is empty, the door is open for you to come and go, I've dropped everything in readiness for your attention demands.....I'm fully trained, dammit

Ever hear of Trauma Bonding?

You what?

Basically, I bite the crap out of you ( that's this bit) and then later I curl up in your arms purring and looking adorable ( that's later, when I'm sleepy).

And you do this why?

It stops you leaving me due to the confused nature of your attachment. It's sweet really, shows I love you.

It really doesn't, you know. Where did you learn this stuff?

Mr Wobbles hacked your interwebs. My psychology degree and 12 tins of anchovies should arrive tomorrow.

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