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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What the fuckitty fuck is this thing?

It's a collar, it's to keep an ID barrel on.

For why?

So the next time you go begging tuna round the neighbourhood, the poor suckers
you hit up for the contents of their fish cupboard will know how to contact me to
come and fetch you home.

You spoil all my fun.

Life's a bitch.

That still doesn't explain this thing?

Your collar, why, what's wrong with it?

It's pink. It's got cutesy little paw prints all over it. It has a fucking bell, for Chrissakes!
 You could at least have got a black leather one with spikes.Anyone would have
 thought you chose the crappiest one deliberately.


Some hours later

Minerva, where is the new collar I just bought you?

Oh dear, I must have lost it ****snirk back atcha, lady****

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