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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Minerva, why are there feathers all over the hall carpet?

Um.....a bird spontaenously combusted in your hallway?

Try again.

I am making a collection help moulting birds.Yes, moulting birds, that's it.

Care for another try?

Okay, okay... me and Mr Wobbles are making our own.

Your own bird?

Yeah, and when we've got all the bits together and working, we're going to train it to take us up to the roofs and dive bomb Attilla. It'll be awesome.

Minerva, you can't make your own bird, well, not a live one anyway.

I can't? But you got a flat pack coffee table.

Yes, but they don't make flat pack pigeons,

Damn. Back to the drawing board.

And lose the feathers, Dr Frankenkitten, the hall looks like it vomited a seagull.

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