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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


You called?

Why is there a frog in my bed?

He was tired?

Okay, why is there a frog in MY bed?

Well, he's cold and slimy, I'm not going to put him in my mine, am I?

And the reason we are harbouring wild life in the bedrooms is?

He's my pet. I shall hug him and squeeze him and call him Fluffy.

But Minerva, you can't keep a frog as a pet. Frogs need to be outdoors where it is cool
 and damp and there is no bedlinen.

Really? I could keep him in the bath.

And when I want a bath?

We can put him in your bed?

We are having a failure to communicate here, Minerva. No frogs, not in beds,
not in baths. This house, from now on, is a Frog-Free zone, capiche?

How about a pony? Can I have a pony?


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