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Thursday, 27 September 2012



I have apparently just become the proud owner of a steam cleaning machine, a crystal duck and an assortment of garden shrubberies. Would you care to explain?

Yes. It's the elitist, imperialism of the humanistic ruling classes.

You've got me there... start again?

***Sigh*** Right, you've got your humans...lording it over us poor, helpless ,downtrodden creatures, see?

I can see several places where I would take issue with your terminology, but go on.

Okay, and the reason you tall ,hairless types can do this to us brilliant ,but enslaved, animal classes is?


Opposable thumb, stupid! Your dexterity allows you to rule.

I'm still not seeing the reason for the various bits of crap the post man just delivered.

S'easy......if I had an opposable thumb I would have been better able to press the buttons on the phone to order two cases of anchovies and a sword from the shopping channel rather than a cleaner, a duck and some bushes.

I am using my opposable thumb to destroy my credit card and padlock the phone.


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