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Monday, 17 September 2012

Oh for fucks sake, Minerva!!

What have I done now?

I had just ironed this shirt for work

And your point is?

Look! You've used it as a bed and left hair all over it.

If it's on a flat surface, it's a bed.That's totally a law or something.

Okay, it was stupid of me to leave it on the bed but did you have to shed all over it?

Look, you were warned when you got me, no use complaining now.

Warned? What warned? I don't remember being warned.

'*AHEM*, if I may just refer to the bill of sale?

" May contain traces of kitten".

Ipso fatso,M'lud, my case rests,

Bill of sale, what bill of sale? You were free to a good home

And a good home does not yell at a little, cute kitten what cannot help shedding, especially when she's anxious and frightened.

Anxious and frightened my arse.


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