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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 16

Minerva, what happened to little pink mousy?

He commited mousicide.

Mousicide? All his insides are now on the outside, that seems a bit extreme?

Hari Kiri?


Okay, not really. I confess. It was me. I am the mouse killer. Bring out the cuffs, It's a fair cop, guvnor.

I thought you loved little pink mousy?

*Sigh* I did but he dissed Mr Wobbles and the rage came upon me, the red mist came
 down and kapowie.

Kapowie? You weight about 2 pounds soaking wet. Kapowie?

Seriously, dude, don't make me angry if you don't want about a kilo of raging, hell- kitten fury unleashed upon your ass.

I'll try to remember that.


  1. Is it sad that I feel bad about little pink mousie?

  2. Pink mousie had it coming. All weak and undeserving mousies must expect the wroth of Minerva....