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Sunday, 17 June 2012

DAY Fourteen

WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! There are kittens starving out here.

For fucks sake, Minerva, it's 5 o'clock in the morning.

And your point is??? I'm huuuungrry.........soooo huungryyy. I haven't eaten for days... weeks......I am dying of not eating, probably.

Go back to sleep, it isn't food time yet and you may die of stabbing if you don't shut the fuck up.

Soooo hunnngrry......I expect the RSPCA would want to know about a little, tiny innocent kitten being starvated until she was nothing but a pathetic little skellington. People will point at the cruel owner in the street. That's the vicious person who starved that poor, lovely little kitty, they will say. Boo, they will go and also, hiss.

"Soft kitty, thin kitty, little bag of bones........."

Oh for God's sake, come on then.Bloody hell, I was fast asleep. It's still bloody dark. You are a right pain in the backside, you are.

Right. Here, breakfast.

I don't like that one.

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