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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 17

Watcha doin?


Give us a go, it looks good

No, you'd be pants at it, it's far too technical for you

Oh please, you're making knots in wool with two sticks.

Do.Not.Touch.The.Knitting. Okay?

Man, you are such a grouch.

(insert swimmy dreamy time passing scene here)


*fnnmeuhmnr, hrurmpm*

Minerva, where are you? It's time for The Big Bang Theory.



***frummmherm****help me****moummnph***

Oh, for the love of God,what the fuck????

A little assistance here, please?

What the hell were you doing with my knitting?


What? I had to cut you out of the newly knitted back of my cardigan, how in name of

Christ is that helping?

That colour so didn't suit you

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