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Friday, 22 June 2012

DAY 18

I hate you, with extreme hate, and prejudice probably, forever. And when that is
finished, I shall start hating you all over again.

You don't feel this is a little over the top?

Over the top!!!! You shut me up in a plastic box for hours, no food, no water,
 no television, subjected to abuse from various wild animals, all wishing to tear
my throat out. And what had I done to deserve that? Nothing, that's what, nothing!

Well actually, if you want to talk about punishment, there was the time you....

Never mind that, you are interrupting me. Then, if that wasn't enough you hand me
over to a kitten rapist, where I was tortured and stabbed and, and, and... molested!

What you actually mean is that you were in your carrier for ten minutes or so,
went to the vet who checked your heart and lungs, gave you an inoculation and put a
few drops on the back of your neck.

I was stabbed!! Stab stab stabbitty that kitten rapist went while you stood by!
You have betrayed my faithful, little trust in you. You have broken my little kitty heart.
 I have trauma, also palpitations, not to mention the fact that I smell funny from those
 drops. They will prolly make me ill, you know and then you'll be sorry.
 I need fish, and counselling and a nice toy and your undivided attention for the rest of
the day.

***Blimey, what's it going to be like when she gets spayed and chipped?***

What was that?


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