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Monday, 16 July 2012

I need guns, and lasers and all kinds of implements of destruction

Fallen out with Attila again?

That bastard needs to be taught a lesson

Why not just sort it out with him? You know, go round there Gato A Gato and negotiate
 a peaceful solution

For a start off, one does not simply walk into Number 32. Secondly, he couldn't even
spell negotiate and erm, ummm, nextly , he's kidnapped Mr Wobbles.

Kidnapped? Really? What's the ransom?

Mr Wobbles.

Okay, I accept that negotiation doesn't look like it's going to work here.I could mount
a peace keeping mission if you like?

What does that mean?

I'll go and ask Sheila if we can have Mr Wobbles back.

Wow, Kofi Annan's got bugger all on you.

Do you want Mr Wobbles or not?

Yes please

Then shutthefuckup.

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