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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Oh my god, oh my god,you've come home!!!!

Okay,okay, calm down, don't squeeze so tight!

Where the hell were you for the last two nights?

A bit personal, don't you think?

No, no, I don't. You are four months old. Where were you???

Oh around; here and there, you know...

No, I don't know, I've been worried sick.

Yeah I know, i saw the wanted or what?

You saw the posters??? Why didn't you come home?

Duh, posters equals famous. Has Simon thingummy rung yet?

You stayed out because you thought the posters would make you famous?

Well obviously  I'm not that shallow.....although it was a really good photo of me,
don't you think? No, i also had stuff to do.Important, staying out all night cat stuff.

Have you any idea what I've been through? I was so worried!!! I haven't slept, I couldn't
eat, I was crying ,dammit.

Yeah, shame, sorry. Can i have one of the posters?

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