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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


What have you done?

I was chasing this little black furry dude. Round and round we went, round and round.
 I was getting pretty dizzy I can tell you but I am a kitten what is full of determination,
 as you know, and I kept going.

Wow, I am so impressed. What happened next?

Well, I kept chasing and he was always just a little ahead of me but I pressed on, as all heroes do.

Really? You chased him eh?

Well, he was extremely dangerous, probably ... also, there were a whole gang of them... and , and they had me backed into a corner. Just one brave little kitteh against a
whole mob of ferocious cats. Armed ferocious cats, I forgot that part.

I am dry trousered with excitement, what happened then.

Well, I said, you can't put Kitteh in a corner, I said, and then I went for the ringleader
and bit him really hard!

And somehow that hurt you, right?

How did you know? Is it magic? Zombie cats right? I bet it was zombie cats.Was it
zombie cats?

It was your tail.

Oh...I feel a bit stupid now.


S'okay. Sometimes small kittens need to learn life's lessons. Small furry dude is my tail;
 got it.

*******Five minutes later************


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